Where are your blades and razors manufactured?

Where are your blades and razors manufactured?

We manufacture the blades, Rockwell 2C and 6C in our dedicated facility in China. While the Rockwell 6S is made in the USA.  The T2, including the T2 SS, is designed in Canada; manufactured, assembled and first QC done in China; and final QC done in Canada.
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      Our razors are perfect for any part of your body, especially for head-shaving! Whether you are shaving your head for the 1st time or you've been rocking the clean look for a long time, our razors will provide a close and easy shave for this purpose. ...
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      Yes, many women have switched to a Rockwell safety razor. There is a slight learning curve when switching from traditional cartridge razors but this is outweighed by the benefits. Rockwell is the only safety razor that provides a beginner setting ...
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      There are several benefits to using our Razors with traditional wet shaving compared to dry shaving. Here are some of them: Shaving with our razors will provide the closest possible shave. It's very cost-effective, saving you a lot of money over time ...
    • I have an allergy to nickel, are your razors nickel free?

      The Rockwell 6C Razor is completely nickel-free, while the Rockwell 6S contains trace amounts in its stainless steel composition. We recommend customers with an allergy to nickel to opt for the Rockwell 6C.