How do I adjust the shave settings?

How do I adjust the shave settings?

With the Rockwell 6S and 6C, the plates are what determine the shave setting. The number on the plate at the bottom of your razor is the shave setting you are using. 

For the Model T, choose your preferred setting and simply adjust the setting using the dial on your handle. 

Keep in mind that setting one creates the mildest shave while setting 6 offers the closest shave. We always recommend starting with mild settings (R1-R3) and working your way up to a higher setting if you need to. 
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    • Which shave setting should I use?

      We always recommend using the beginner shave settings (R1-R3) when starting out. This is the mildest setting and is perfect for all areas of your body. You can always work your way up to find the perfect shave setting for your skin and hair type. 
    • Is it safe to shave all areas of my body?

      Yes, you can shave any part of your body with a safety razor. Take your time and shave using the beginner settings (R1-R3) with the use of shave cream, gel, or lotion.  When shaving the bikini zone, pull your skin taut and shave with the grain, in ...
    • Can I use your razors to shave my head?

      Our razors are perfect for any part of your body, especially for head-shaving! Whether you are shaving your head for the 1st time or you've been rocking the clean look for a long time, our razors will provide a close and easy shave for this purpose. ...
    • Is it too late to adjust my order?

      If you need to make any adjustments to an existing order, please email us at as soon as possible.
    • How to use a Rockwell Razor

      1. Choose your setting The number you see displayed on the bottom of your assembled razor is the size you're shaving with! R1 is our mildest setting and makes it impossible to cut yourself - we suggest starting there. Later, you can adjust the razor ...