Are your product vegan?

Are your product vegan?

Yes! All of our soft good products are composed of vegan ingredients. The ingredients are listed on the right-hand side below the product description of each item. 
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    • Add a product to a subscription

      Once logged in, select the Subscriptions tab, then click Add Product. This will open a pop-up where you can search, view, and select additional products to add to your upcoming deliveries. You may also choose the frequency and first shipment date.
    • What is the warranty?

      We offer free replacements, free returns and a 100% quality guarantee up to 60 days after purchasing the razor to customers who purchased their product(s) directly from, or our Amazon Store. After this point, we're ...
    • How much does shipping cost?

      Shipping with USA and Canada: Shipping is free for all orders to USA and Canada over $45. Orders under $45 to the USA are charged a flat-rate of $7. Orders under $45 to Canada are charged a flat-rate of $10. International Shipping: As of August 3, ...
    • Are your products natural?

      Yes! All of our soft good products are made using natural ingredients that are carefully formulated to create skin-friendly shaving products.  If you're wondering about the ingredients used, check out the ingredient list on the right side under the ...
    • Can I use your razors to shave my head?

      Our razors are perfect for any part of your body, especially for head-shaving! Whether you are shaving your head for the 1st time or you've been rocking the clean look for a long time, our razors will provide a close and easy shave for this purpose. ...